The Intelesens V-Patch System is designed to monitor and transmit ECG data to a web based host application for display or analysis by a clinician. The device can be worn by ambulatory or non-ambulatory adult patients in a healthcare or home environment to support clinical staff when they are carrying out their routine observations or when a patient would otherwise be in ani unmonitored or unobserved situation.

The re-usable device is intended to be used with a single use electrode on the patient for up to seven days.

The V-patch-System uses an on-board ECG arrhythmia detection algorithm to automatically record and send ECG data if the user is suspected to be experiencing anarrhythmia event. The device transmits the data to the host application at user defined intervals or upon the detection of’ an arrhythmia event. The V-Patch also has a patient activated button that allows ECG to be recorded and transmitted on-demand should the patient experience any relevant symptoms.